A Tale of State 5

State 5 was built on our need to consume amazing coffee – it is a place for the coffee lovers. After tons of research and experimentation, we decided on the red pill. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to take people along on this coffee journey and assault the five senses of every individual with delectable smells and unbelievable tastes. From where it all started in the spare room of our house, to our own shops, coffee roaster, and distribution centre, we have always kept supplying great coffee as our core mission.

State 5 is a place for the pioneers, the innovators, and for the brave. In this, we aim to make State 5 a place that all South Africans can be proud of. If you are daring enough to embark on this coffee revolution with us, together we can put South African coffee on the international map. We will not stop until we do this. Join us in our coffee revolution – this is just the beginning.

State 5 is The Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee to us means, pushing the boundaries, always innovating, always being creative, and always being on the cutting edge of a the coffee experience.
Our coffee is for the movers and shakers, the decision makers, the people who cannot take no for an answer, the people that must have the best at all costs, the decisive ones, the people that are appreciators of fine products and tastes, – the coffee lovers, the people who complain in restaurants that the coffee is not good enough, the ones that take their own plunger to work so that they do not have to have instant, the person that emails us to tell us ways that we can improve our product and most importantly the ones that know when they have sipped a great cup.

Craft Coffee

The Passage of the Bean from Farm to Cup

During our coffee-cupping events hosted at our Roastery, we spend some time teaching customers about how much love, passion, and processes are applied to the coffee bean throughout it being the seed in the ground, the cherry in the tree, the green bean delivered, the roasted bean, to the final product and how it is prepared.

What never ceases to amaze us is the level of interest peaked in people once their eyes are opened to the amount of effort, passion, and science put into every cup of coffee that they drink. We strive to make sure that people never look at coffee in the same way again through this educational experience, so that their own coffee journey through the rabbit hole can begin.

Brew of the Brave

Our coffee is for the movers and shakers, the decision makers, the people who cannot take no for an answer, the people that must have the best at all costs, the decisive ones, the individuals that are appreciators of fine products and tastes – the coffee lovers, who complain in restaurants that the coffee is not good enough, and take their own plunger to work so that they do not have to have instant, those that email us to tell us how we can improve our product, and, most importantly, the ones that know when they have sipped a great cup.

We are suppliers of great coffee to individuals, small offices, large corporates, restaurants, coffee shops, bed and breakfasts, and hotels. We have a variety of tailor- made solutions for each of the above categories, so feel free to reach out and see what we can do to take your coffee to a different level.

Craft coffee, to us, means pushing the boundaries, always innovating, constantly creating, and forever being on the cutting edge of your coffee experience.

This means a few things:

  • Our coffee will always be delivered and served FRESH; not months after it has been roasted.
  • We will take time to roast and prepare your coffee. We will do this with love, patience, and skill, and we will use all our artisanal experience to make sure that it is roasted to perfection.
  • We will not cut corners or try and save. We will only roast and serve quality coffee that will help us achieve our mission of putting South African coffee on an international playing field.
  • We will always put love and passion into what we roast and prepare as we know that anything prepared with love will always taste better than anything without.
  • We will taste our coffee A lot! We live off our coffee and the best way to improve it is to drink it as much as we possibly can! (some jobs are fun)

As pioneers and innovators, we are also always on the look out to create something new or something better. If our brand resonates with you and you love what you do, we would love to hear from you. We are very keen to collaborate with different individuals and companies to create new products. If you are a chocolate maker, ice cream company, tea company, music studio, or any other business where you feel that we could collaborate and do something great together please get in touch.

Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Cold Brew

The State 5 Cold Brew Coffee Experience

Cold coffee you say? Yes! Cold brewed coffee. The international coffee trend of brewing coffee cold (sort of like beer with no alcohol but tons of caffeine) is now in South Africa. State 5 Cold Brew is a taste of heaven for caffeine addicts. We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the cold brew industry in South Africa.

State 5 has built one of the first Cold Brew Coffee Breweries in the country, with a brewing capacity of 1400 litres per day.

Cold brew is refreshing, less acidic, more dark chocolatey, and has 2-3 times the caffeine content of a normal cup of coffee. This makes it the perfect all-day drink, particularly when you need a quick boost to cope with your day or to beat a personal best. If you feel your local coffee shop or restaurant, maybe even office (yes, we are talking to the IT guys), needs cold brew so that you have easy access, please scream so that we can get in touch.

We would just like to make it clear: this drink is for coffee lovers, caffeine freaks and pioneers (people who love trying and doing new things). 

Some Cold Brew Drink Options

We offer a concentrated version of our product which can be added as a shot to a variety of mixers such as milk, syrups, tonic, soda water, orange juice, and just about any alcohol you can think of. We like to think of this as coffee mixology.

The beauty of cold brew as an ingredient is that the applications, whether it be for cooking, baking, ice cream or distilling, are only limited by your imagination. If you have any crazy recipe ideas you would like us to try, we challenge you to get hold of us and we can trial it together at one of our shops. If it makes the cut, we add it to our menu with your name on it and you will be famous for the rest of eternity!

How is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

We grind our perfectly-roasted coffee into three different sizes and then steep the coffee in double filtered water at an ambient room temperature for 24 hours. The velvety smooth and rich flavour is due to the fact that we triple filter the coffee and ensure that our Cold Brew is sediment free. It is less acidic and gentler than coffee brewed with hot water and has a higher caffeine content due to the cold-brewing process. This is not an ordinary Iced Coffee as South Africans know it, and is an even more unique product as we serve it chilled from a draught tap. It is made with know-how in small batches.

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Our Cafés

State 5 Greenside

The original. We have converted the old Vida e Café on Gleneagles Road to our coffee roastery and café. Our customers are the coffee lovers, caffeine freaks, cyclists, fitness junkies, entrepreneurs, and office workers that need a break from their space. The 20meg unshaped, uncapped wifi is definitely a bonus! The two grinders in the shop are always filled with different fresh beans for a coffee-of-the-day offering.
Phone Number
010 900 4437
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 6 AM to 4 PM
24 Gleneagles Avenue, Greenside, Johannesburg

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State 5 Fourways

This is our coffee oasis in the city. It is situated in the Rustic Timber Centre, in the middle of Fourways, this shop gives you the feeling of getting a break from the city. We have a kiddies’ play area where dragon tamers look after the kids while you can take a small break and breathe. We also offer free wifi for you to do your work in an outdoor office. We have coupled great coffee with a full menu, including wood-fired pizzas for you to enjoy. Free wifi is an added benefit and can be used to do your work in a beautiful outdoor office.
Phone Number
011 465 5193
Opening Hours
Mon – Thurs & Sat – Sun 7 AM to 5 PM
Fri 7:30 AM to 9 PM

Free Range Lifestyle Centre, 42 Witkoppen Road, Corner Kingfisher Drive, Fourways

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Ask our team of coffee experts any coffee-related questions that range from where beans are grown to how to get a seal for your home coffee machine.

State 5 Headquarters

We take great pride in being innovators in our field.
Our operations are available nationwide, allowing us to offer our high quality products and service.

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