Our Story

Our Story
State 5 was built in 2016 on our need to consume amazing coffee, it was built for you the lovers and drinkers of coffee.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to take people on an experiential coffee journey and assault each of your five senses with delectable smells, unbelievable tastes, amazing mouthfeel, and sweet sounds all delivered in the amazing aesthetic of the State 5 brand.

The reason we call ourselves State 5 is because the word ‘State’ refers to our own created place and space and the number ‘5’ is indicative of the 5 senses we intrigue and assault.

From where it all started, in the spare room of our house, we have always kept supplying great coffee as our core mission.

State 5 is for those daring enough to embark on this coffee revolution with us.

Craft Coffee
/krɑːft/- exercise skill in making (an object), typically by hand.
"he crafted the chair lovingly"

We craft roast our coffee.

What does this mean?

To us, it means we roast each batch lovingly by hand.

This means a few things:
We take time to roast and prepare our coffee. We do this with love, patience, and skill. We use all our artisanal experience to make sure that our coffee is roasted to perfection.
We always put love and passion into what we roast and prepare because we appreciate that anything prepared with love will always taste better than anything without.
We use only premium-quality Arabica beans when we roast and blend our coffee.
We always strive to improve our quality, consistency, knowledge, and experience so we can use these things to consistently improve our coffee.
We are innovators. We are not afraid to try new things or processes; we consistently push ourselves to be at the cutting edge of the coffee experience.

Slayer Energy Drink

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