Cold Brew

The State 5 Cold Brew Coffee Experience

Cold coffee you say? Yes! Cold brewed coffee. The international coffee trend of brewing coffee cold (sort of like beer with no alcohol but tons of caffeine) is now in South Africa. State 5 Cold Brew is a taste of heaven for caffeine addicts. We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the cold brew industry in South Africa.

Cold brew is refreshing, less acidic, darker chocolatey, and has 2-3 times the caffeine content of a normal cup of coffee. This makes it the perfect all-day drink, particularly when you need a quick boost to cope with your day or to beat a personal best. If you feel your local coffee shop or restaurant, maybe even office (yes, we are talking to the IT guys), needs cold brew so that you have easy access, please scream so that we can get in touch.

We would just like to make it clear: this drink is for coffee lovers, caffeine freaks and pioneers (people who love trying and doing new things).

We offer a concentrated version of our product which can be added as a shot to a variety of mixers such as milk, syrups, tonic, soda water, orange juice, and just about any alcohol you can think of. We like to think of this as coffee mixology.

The beauty of cold brew as an ingredient is that the applications, whether it be for cooking, baking, ice cream or distilling, are only limited by your imagination. If you have any crazy recipe ideas you would like us to try, we challenge you to get hold of us and we can try it out, If it makes the cut, we add it to our menu with your name on it and you will be famous for the rest of eternity!

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160mg Caffeine per can

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