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© 2020, State 5


State 5 was built on our need to consume amazing coffee –we built it for you lovers of coffee.

From our beginning, we knew that we wanted to take people along on this experiential coffee journey and assault each of your five senses with delectable smells, unbelievable tastes, weird textures, funny sounds and the unique things to see. This is the reason we called ourselves State 5. The word ‘State’ refers to own created place and space and the number ‘5’ is indicative of the 5 senses we permanently plan to intrigue and assault. From where it all started in the spare room of our house, to our own shops, coffee roaster, distribution centre, and mobile coffee cafes, we have always kept supplying great coffee as our core mission.

State 5 is a place for the pioneers, the innovators, and for the brave. In this, we aim to make State 5 a place that all South Africans can be proud of. We intend to do this by creating a truly South African global coffee brand. Freshly roasted in South Africa and enjoyed on every continent. State 5 is for those daring enough to embark on this coffee revolution with us, together we can put South African coffee on the international map. We will not stop until we do this. Join us in our coffee revolution – this is just the beginning.

We craft roast our coffee.

What does this mean? To us it means we roast each batch lovingly by hand. This means a few things:
We take time to roast and prepare our coffee. We do this with love, patience, and skill. We use all our artisanal experience to make sure that the coffee is roasted to perfection.
We always put love and passion into what we roast and prepare as we know that anything prepared with love will always taste better than anything without.
We use only premium quality Arabica beans when we roast and blend our coffee.
We always strive to improve our quality, consistency, knowledge and experience so we can use these things to consistently improve our brand and products.

Craft Coffee
/krɑːft/- exercise skill in making (an object), typically by hand.
“he crafted the chair lovingly”

We are innovators. We are not afraid to try new things or processes; we consistently push ourselves to be at the cutting edge of the coffee experience.

Coffee Roasting is where art meets science 

Cold Brewed Coffee

We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the cold brew industry in South Africa. State 5 has built one of the first Cold Brew Coffee Breweries in the country, with a brewing capacity of 1400 litres per day. Cold brew is refreshing, less acidic, more dark chocolatey, and has 2-3 times the caffeine content of a normal cup of coffee.

How is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

We grind our perfectly-roasted coffee into three different sizes and then steep the coffee in double filtered water at an ambient room temperature for 24 hours. The velvety smooth and rich flavour is due to the fact that we triple filter the coffee and ensure that our Cold Brew is sediment free. It is less acidic and gentler than coffee brewed with hot water and has a higher caffeine content due to the cold-brewing process. This is not an ordinary Iced Coffee as South Africans know it, and is an even more unique product as we serve it chilled with a variety of mixers like tonic and lemonade. We like to think of this as coffee mixology.

This makes cold brew the perfect all-day drink, particularly when you need a quick boost to cope with your day or to beat a personal best.